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As market leaders in Comedy Paranormal Investigations, we aim to make content that makes people laugh and something they can enjoy, as well as the occasional nail biting moment.

All footage we record is unedited and contains no special effects or audio samples.  We are unscripted, unpredictable and (hopefully) entertaining. If not, then I'm sure there is something else you can watch instead... maybe the love show about idiots on an island trying to fall in love with each other or something?


What We Do

In a nutshell, we turn up to any location that looks creepy, old or abandoned and using our equipment, we investigate the area, record our evidence and turn it into an hour episode for our ongoing YouTube and Amazon Prime TV Series. 

We don't just investigate reportedly haunted locations as we have found that other locations with no known hauntings provide the most compelling evidence. 


YouTube was the first platform we joined in April 2017 and enabled us to grow a fairly loyal customer base very quickly.  

We launch specialised content on YouTube, which we are unable to do on Amazon and live stream to speak with our fans directly.

Click the button below to view our content.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a relatively new platform that we have been apart of since September 2018.

Amazon allows users to target our episodes more easily as the market on Amazon is less saturated than YouTube.  We are constantly looking to grow our audience so make sure you click the link below to be taken to our episode page.




Harri Chandler

Scary to watch great suspense 👻👻👻



"We're on Amazon!"

Alex Drinkwater


"I don't like this!"

Rob Nesbitt


"Fuck off!"

Martin Kent



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